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2000 - 2002

Monuments and Statues of Brussels

In 2000, the Patrick Derom Gallery published the first volume of an ambitious project to catalog public sculpture in Brussels and the surrounding region. Scholarly articles by two leading specialists in the field, Jacques van Lennep and Catherine Leclercq, outline the history and the role of this unique art form. A portfolio of photographs by Vincent Everaerts celebrates the artistic value of this important aspect of our national heritage.


In 2002 the second and final volume was published, including a complete inventory of the monuments and sculptures (over six hundred works of art). Each work is illustrated and described, with its title, date of completion, the artist(s) and their dates, the technique(s) used, the foundry, and the date of its unveiling.


With a complete index covering volumes I and II, the study is a vital course book for enthusiasts and researchers alike.

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